4 Best Places To Meet Women Other Than Clubs And Bars

4 Best Places To Meet Women Other Than Clubs And Bars

For some men, it can be quite complicated for them to pick up women in bars and clubs. It could be something to do with their age or cultural preference. Usually, it’s due to the fact that they don’t have many friends who are their same age or don’t have their own buddies that they can go out to clubs.

So, we are going to share with you some alternative places other than nightclubs and bars, to meet women in different situations and in different environments. You might be surprised at how many other options there are.

Coffee Shops

Coffee shops are even better places to meet women than they were a few years ago. In all the major cities like LA, New York or London, you will notice that there are a lot of young female entrepreneurs and most of them don’t choose to work from an office. They are choosing Starbucks, local cafes or local coffee stores to bring their laptops and will literally sit there for like 3 to 4 hours to work. These ladies usually take a break within 40 minutes to an hour and start talking to people around them which is a perfect opportunity for guys to speak to her.


There are so many classes going on right now like dance classes, photography classes, cooking classes, etc. which is a great place or opportunity to meet women. Try to pick something that you genuinely want to learn about. It’s a real bonding experience with a potential match on which you can literally do things together, even flirt.

Art Galleries And Museums

These places are perfect especially for the more discerning gents out there who are looking for artistic or intellectual women. You can play the ignorant card and ask a woman about certain artworks, as if you have no idea about it. You’ve got all these props everywhere that you can utilize. It can be a quick way to get an instant date because there’s always have a cafe or somewhere that you can sit and chat.

Whole Foods Market

There’s a lot of Whole Foods popping up which considered by many as the spiritual high churches of healthy living. There’s an abundance of beautiful women in there and you will notice that most of them are in a really good mood. It’s like after they go to the gym and finished their awful workout, this place is the treat section where they get to look at all these healthy foods that they can buy for themselves as a reward. They’re in that positive zone, they feel that they’re in line with their values and most importantly, they are pretty ladies who might be looking for someone like you. There are food courts in these places where women sit and eat and talk to each other because they all have presumed that they’re coming from the same healthy living source and have the same mindset. But even if you’re not, it doesn’t matter because you’re already created that connection. Grab this opportunity and talk to them.

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