6 Creative Ways To Use A Pillow During Sex

6 Creative Ways To Use A Pillow During Sex

If you are seeking a new way to enjoy sex without breaking your bank, look around in your bedroom. No, you weren’t looking for a sex toy. You are actually searching for a pillow. You heard that right.

Pillow can’t only provide you lower-back support, it can also boost your sexual intercourse if you just know how to use it. Revitalize your stale sex life through a comfy pillow in six ways.

  1. Make it as a sideway equalizer

Spooning, otherwise known as side position isn’t easy to perform, especially if you and your lover are not the same sizes. So, grab a pillow and prop up the smaller one to balance the size deficit.  Apart from that, a pillow can also close the gap between your bodies for a more intimate experience.

  1. Do the missionary pillow play

Pillows and props are a great way to execute every sex position smoothly. As per Durex, a pillow can be of good service during missionary-style sex. You can put under your woman’s hips in order to deepen penetration.

  1. Let it be a spooning aid

Eliminate awkwardness while having spooning sex.  Frequently, this position is too uncomfortable because space is limited. Just imagine yourself aroused and hot but can‘t move conveniently because your legs are positioned awkwardly. The best solution for this to put a small and soft pillow between your knees and do the deed!

  1. Neck relief while in heaven

Did he just say he wants to taste you? Why not help him make your experience more fantastic? Place a folded pillow under your sexy hips. By doing so, it will lift your pelvis, taking off the possible neck strain he’ll feel. Moreover, it will also let him explore your genitals freely.

  1. Try doggy style version 2.0

Most couples love doggy style. However, this position is quite tedious for couples who have different sizes.  Getting the right angle is a challenge when doing it. If this is the case, shift to lazy dog style.

To do this, lie face down. Put a pillow right under your stomach and keep your legs together. Let him hit the sack just like what he’s doing in doggy style. But this time, each thrust feels tighter, bringing you the pleasure you’ve never experienced before!

  1. A useful destimulator

Pillow can be your savior when he is looking for destimulator to perform longer in bed. All you need to lay a pillow underneath him while doing the cowgirl pillow. As much as possible, try it in different positions right along with his pelvis, hips and back to know the right angle which fits both of you.

Some of the sexual moves that we’d like to pull off can be tough. It is either our bodies cannot bend correctly, or we easily get tired of doing certain positions. It’s a real struggle. Luckily, these creative pillow ideas during sex can assist you and boost your sexual intercourse!

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